Let’s Get Started!

Our first whiteboard brainstorm full of the reuse related concepts that inspired us!

The idea for JH Reuse began two years ago. Rani said, “I have a favorite scrap store in San Francisco.” And I said, “Me too. I love the one in Austin.” And we both said, “We should have one here in Jackson.” This began a long chain of finishing each others sentences when it came to rehoming reusable stuff.

This idea came to us so formed that even though we were both busy with other things, we had to make it happen. And here it is! We’ve created a website to facilitate the local exchange of items that would otherwise be trash but, instead, can be reused in creative, educational, household, or other projects. Reusing keeps material out of the landfill, minimizes waste, and conserves resources. Read more here.

Getting started is easy! Simply visit our website to either find the items you need or rehome the items you have. The items lists change often, so please continue to check back. Send us an email if you would like to source or rehome materials, and we will make arrangements to pick up or deliver. No fees. No fuss. Thank you for reusing!

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