At The Market

We were so excited to have JH Reuse materials on display for the first time at this week’s Slow Food in the Tetons People’s Market. Shoppers took home cereal box puzzles, beverage container tic-tac-toe, and repurposed gifting supplies – all in the name of reuse!

The aim of the booth was to get people thinking about the packaging in our lives. The decision tree sounds something like… Is it necessary? Can it be avoided? If not, can it at least serve more than one purpose before it’s recycled or thrown away? Can it take the place of something I would otherwise buy new? How can more creativity equal less waste?

By the end of the night, we felt we achieved our goal – and more! Thank you to old friends and new acquaintances who stopped by. To the teachers who, as we suspected, speak the language of reuse and see the value of these materials for their classrooms. To the project organizers who are considering JH Reuse materials for some upcoming local events. And to the kids who took naturally to our puzzles and games and wondered out loud what they might do with the stuff they have at home.

We are scheduled for two more markets this summer, July 24 and August 7. We look forward to seeing you then! Watch for announcements about expansions to our offerings.

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