Free To A Good Home

We are loading the tent and tables and carefully packing our reused treasures for the People’s Market tonight at Snow King Ball Park 4-7pm. The last market was such an encouraging and inspirational experience. We enjoyed talking to everyone about reuse, zero waste, creativity, and the “stuff” in our lives. We are excited to be at it again tonight, with a few new offerings….

The Paperboard Puzzles and Tic-Tac-Toe are restocked. There are plenty of gift cards and boxes available. Try out a new bookmark made from your favorite cereal or snack brand to spice up your summer reading. And follow or tag us on social media to take home a multi-melt crayon prize!

The biggest addition this week is our Free To A Good Home offer. We’ve taken the prices off of our items. While it costs a little to bring these reused goods to the market, the real goal is to Rehome Reusable Stuff. Thank you for giving these items a new start, using them to spark your own creativity for reusing, and working with us toward zero waste!

One more announcement: We are accepting reusable materials at the market! Bring your wine corks, egg cartons, bottle caps, toilet paper tubes, and more (click here for a complete list) with you tonight and fill up our buckets. Too much to carry? Contact us for a free pick up at a time that’s convenient to you.

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