End of Season Means Strong Beginning for JH Reuse

The phone is ringing off the hook at JH Reuse this week with local reusers eager to bring us their stuff! This is, of course, a sign of progress for our new program, but its significance seems to extend further than just us this week.

These end of summer calls are coming from people who are packing up for the season…River guide roommates, in a hurry to leave town, who still found the time to set aside materials they heard we could use. Middle school teachers, overloaded with back-to-school duties, who found the time and energy to arrange a reusable school supply offering for 6th graders at today’s open house. And a long time Jackson resident, bittersweet over the sale of her home, who found some solace in passing along her items to be reused in a community she holds dear.

These reuse participants are making more than just a phone call. They are making reuse a priority, even during busy times, when throwing things into the trash would be an easy shortcut. We thank you all for your efforts and your stewardship, and we hope to hear from anyone else with end of season haves or needs. Reminder: We will pick up from your home or office! Sometimes we even get in a dog walk at the same time (see photo of “Austin” the Zero Waste Dachshund).

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