Ready to reuse

Happy fall everyone! We hope this post finds you all well and looking forward to a new season. The good news is that our supply shelves are overflowing with ready to reuse supplies for arts and education. Please contact us with your wish lists, including:

  • Bottle Caps
  • Cereal Boxes
  • Wine Corks
  • Coffee Tins
  • Styrofoam Trays
  • Fabric
  • Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Tubes
  • Folders, Binders, and School Supplies
  • Lots of other unique odds and ends!

Update For Our Collectors: Thank you to everyone who has collected and provided these items for local reuse. For the time being, our supplies are at capacity and our collections are temporarily on hold. The good news is that many of the arts and education programs we supply are reopening this fall, and we hope to be moving inventory more rapidly in the coming months. Our current plan is to reopen collections in the spring of 2021, but watch for announcements here as programs are ever-changing.

In the meantime, thank you for supporting JH Reuse through Old Bill’s Fun Run. Your donations keep resources and creativity from going to waste!

Next Tuesday, Feb 4th – JH Reuse featured at Pizza For A Purpose

JH Reuse will be the featured organization at Hand Fire Pizza next

Tuesday, February 4th, 5pm until close.

A portion of pizza sales (dine in or carry out) will benefit our efforts to Rehome Reusable Stuff. Come by for dinner and to learn more about the items we accept and supply for creative endeavors.

Can’t wait to see you there!

And thank you Hand Fire Pizza for supporting local programs!

Read All About It!


Pick up a copy of this week’s JH News and Guide to read more about us! JH Reuse is excited to announce that after a busy summer of pilot projects, People’s Market appearances, and pulling materials out of the trash, we are here to stay. Click here to read more about our origin, our current work, and how you can get involved. We welcome your haves, your needs, and your interest in getting creative about zero waste in Jackson Hole.

End of Season Means Strong Beginning for JH Reuse

The phone is ringing off the hook at JH Reuse this week with local reusers eager to bring us their stuff! This is, of course, a sign of progress for our new program, but its significance seems to extend further than just us this week.

These end of summer calls are coming from people who are packing up for the season…River guide roommates, in a hurry to leave town, who still found the time to set aside materials they heard we could use. Middle school teachers, overloaded with back-to-school duties, who found the time and energy to arrange a reusable school supply offering for 6th graders at today’s open house. And a long time Jackson resident, bittersweet over the sale of her home, who found some solace in passing along her items to be reused in a community she holds dear.

These reuse participants are making more than just a phone call. They are making reuse a priority, even during busy times, when throwing things into the trash would be an easy shortcut. We thank you all for your efforts and your stewardship, and we hope to hear from anyone else with end of season haves or needs. Reminder: We will pick up from your home or office! Sometimes we even get in a dog walk at the same time (see photo of “Austin” the Zero Waste Dachshund).

Last People’s Market Booth and School Supply Request

Join us at the People’s Market this week for the last JH Reuse booth of the summer! Tomorrow, 4-7pm at the base of Snow King.

This week’s booth will have games, gift boxes, and re-mixed crayons as well as more space for the HAVE’s and NEED’s. Bring your reusables to give away and pick up some of this week’s featured items: glass jars, envelopes, wine corks, and egg cartons!

NEW THIS WEEK – JH Reuse is Collecting School Supplies!…We are excited to be assisting local schools in restocking their supply cabinets. Requests include 3-ring-binders, spiral notebooks, composition books, pens, pencils, markers, paper, index cards, glue sticks, post-it-notes, etc. Check the backs of your closets, bottoms of your drawers, and that box from last year under your bed and bring us your extra stuff! We are happy to accept these items at the People’s Market or contact us for a pick up. Any quantity! Any time this month!

Thank You ISWR Advisory Board

JH Reuse would like to thank the Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Board for allowing us to introduce ourselves at the August board meeting! We consider ourselves a hatchling of the Road to Zero Waste umbrella and are excited to work together to expand the opportunities to minimize waste in the Teton County community.

Free To A Good Home

We are loading the tent and tables and carefully packing our reused treasures for the People’s Market tonight at Snow King Ball Park 4-7pm. The last market was such an encouraging and inspirational experience. We enjoyed talking to everyone about reuse, zero waste, creativity, and the “stuff” in our lives. We are excited to be at it again tonight, with a few new offerings….

The Paperboard Puzzles and Tic-Tac-Toe are restocked. There are plenty of gift cards and boxes available. Try out a new bookmark made from your favorite cereal or snack brand to spice up your summer reading. And follow or tag us on social media to take home a multi-melt crayon prize!

The biggest addition this week is our Free To A Good Home offer. We’ve taken the prices off of our items. While it costs a little to bring these reused goods to the market, the real goal is to Rehome Reusable Stuff. Thank you for giving these items a new start, using them to spark your own creativity for reusing, and working with us toward zero waste!

One more announcement: We are accepting reusable materials at the market! Bring your wine corks, egg cartons, bottle caps, toilet paper tubes, and more (click here for a complete list) with you tonight and fill up our buckets. Too much to carry? Contact us for a free pick up at a time that’s convenient to you.

At The Market

We were so excited to have JH Reuse materials on display for the first time at this week’s Slow Food in the Tetons People’s Market. Shoppers took home cereal box puzzles, beverage container tic-tac-toe, and repurposed gifting supplies – all in the name of reuse!

The aim of the booth was to get people thinking about the packaging in our lives. The decision tree sounds something like… Is it necessary? Can it be avoided? If not, can it at least serve more than one purpose before it’s recycled or thrown away? Can it take the place of something I would otherwise buy new? How can more creativity equal less waste?

By the end of the night, we felt we achieved our goal – and more! Thank you to old friends and new acquaintances who stopped by. To the teachers who, as we suspected, speak the language of reuse and see the value of these materials for their classrooms. To the project organizers who are considering JH Reuse materials for some upcoming local events. And to the kids who took naturally to our puzzles and games and wondered out loud what they might do with the stuff they have at home.

We are scheduled for two more markets this summer, July 24 and August 7. We look forward to seeing you then! Watch for announcements about expansions to our offerings.